Working Road Trip

Long Haul Road Trip Hacks

I’ve taken A LOT of long-distance road trips. Houston to DC. Charleston to Houston. Austin to all over the southwest. I’ve even taken road trips across 2 Hawaiian Island and Ireland and a 28-hour bus ride from Vienna, Austria to Split, Croatia. So yeah, I’m a long road trip expert! So much so that I have the basics down so well that I’ve created a road trip checklist. I’ve broken it down into necessities and extras, for those who just want to pick up and go and for those who need a bit more of a plan.

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Plane window

Hacks for Economy Class Plane Travel

I thought about counting the number of times I’ve gotten on a plane or how many hours I’ve spent traveling on an airplane or even how many miles I’ve flown, but I do not have the time or energy for that. I am by no means an expert when it comes to economy class travel. I have no idea how to game the points system or get an upgrade from economy to literally anything else because frankly, I’m just glad I get to go anywhere, even if it is crammed like a sardine way at the back of the plane. But regardless of my lack of getting the VIP treatment from the airline, I do know how to give myself the VIP treatment on any journey.

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Buying the Right Travel Bag

I’ve traveled all over the world with many different bags. The one provided to me by the tour group I traveled with to Europe for a month was by far my favorite… until now. It was massive! To me it looked like a hockey duffle bag, it probably wasn’t but holy hell it held alot. Add in those space saver bags and it was like my entire wardrobe could fit. Towards the end of the month long trip things got a bit tight with all the trinkets I was bringing home for everyone but it was still a great bag. Sadly the bag is no longer with me. I think it got lost somewhere in one of my 10-13 moves between 2005 and now. Also I would tell you what brand it was but I have no idea. Sorry. (This one looks a lot like it though).Another bag I had for a very long time was sort of a family bag, meaning, my brother and I could use it when we needed to but it usually stayed in the attic of my mom’s place. That bag survived A LOT!  More trips than I can even count including the cobblestone streets of Stockholm but it was sucessfully killed by SAS airlines last Novemeber. I had to run around Skelleftea at 5pm (it was dark already) to find a store that sold luggage. That’s when I got my black EPIC back. Epic is the brand. It’s not that “epic” of a bag to be honest. The only color choices I had were black, red, purple and a strange orange. I couldn’t commit to any of those colors so I went with black. By the time I got back to Texas, the damn bag was already missing one of the zipper pulls. I think I put a paperclip on it or something…

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My name is Pam Garner and Lost but Making Good Time has been my passion project since 2015. My passions include ignoring authority in all ways possible, flirting with most things reckless (within reason, of course), jumping from high places, driving over the speed limit (occasionally on motorcycles), and finding local remedies for intolerable hangovers (of her own making).



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