Lost but making good time: Girl in front of Brick Building

My name is Pam Garner and Lost but Making Good Time has been my passion project since 2015.

I am an Austin-based writer, adventurer, biker chic, and all-around heathen. I have always been creative but in a sort of “off” way. When asked to write a short story in an elementary school class, I wrote a murder mystery. Around the same time, I picked up my love for photography (even though it was just on trendy polaroid cameras). My love of photography came in earnest in high school when I was given a crappy digital Kodak camera for my birthday and then began taking those most unflattering (unintentionally) photos of her friends. 

In subsequent years, I have refined both my writing and photography to the point of various publications. I’ve become quite proficient at long-form captions on Instagram. Most of my writing and photography can be found published locally or on the internet, but I have BIGGER ideas. 

When I’m not a slave to whatever my job may be at the time, I can generally be found traveling around the US but in my truest hopes, somewhere much further away, walking the very precarious line of deportation. The locals usually love me, the governments… not so much.

My passions include ignoring authority in all ways possible, flirting with most things wreckless (within reason, of course), jumping from high places, driving over the speed limit (occasionally on motorcycles), and finding local remedies for intolerable hangovers (of her own making).