Many travel bloggers blog about tips and tricks. And that’s all well and good but after seeing the same tip for the 100th time you begin to realize, that maybe being just another travel tip writer isn’t the way to go. And personally, while tips are appreciated, the way I travel is fully playing it by ear. I don’t really plan. I might have a few places I’d like to see wherever I am but I never make concrete plans (with the exception of “D-Day”). I like it better that way. Sure I’ll pick up a few guide books to get the lay of the land or do some google searching but I much prefer the spontaneity of getting to a place and stumbling on everything it has to offer. Getting lost even!

So what type of blogger am I? I’m the personal type of blogger. I write what I know, what I feel, and what I think because I don’t feel I have any authority or more knowledge to tell a person where to go or what to do than anyone else. And frankly the tips most people can give, myself included are only so helpful. Not to mention your journey is entirely up to you, so why base it off anyone else?

That being said, being the type of blogger I am,  blogging can become so personal yet highly impersonal. I am writing out all my thoughts, stories, and feelings from behind a screen (probably in a bed whether it’s in bed at home or in a bed in a hotel). I am are telling my life story anonymously while at the same time pouring my heart and soul into every word in every post. Trying to give anyone and everyone who reads this blog an insight into who I am.

The pictures I post could be mine or of me or they could not. Faking identifies is a huge thing these days but I am not one of those fakers but they exist. I want you to know me for me and not a persona I put on for the world. This blog has no mask.

I blog not to be the next travel guru. Not to produce the “unequivocal bucket list every 28-year-old must-do” because why? What I enjoy others might not. What interests me is very different from my friends even. I blog to help people realize that travel in any form is attainable. I blog, to tell the truth. I don’t sugar coat a damn thing. I want everyone to know the ups and downs that come with a semi-nomadic or nomadic lifestyle.

And for all the ugly, there is so much more beauty.

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