Top 15 of 2015

The other night I was writing down all the places I’ve traveled to each year, at least from what I can remember and while in 2015 I didn’t go especially far, I did go a lot of place and I got to do a lot of things on my bucket list. Some of the places were new to me and some were beloved and I returned to them as an old friend. So without further waiting, let’s count them down or recap them (It’s SOOOO hard to play “favorites”)

  1. Jumping off South Point in Hawaii (40ft jump off a cliff into the Pacific Ocean at the Southern most point of the non-contiguous United States)
  2. Skydiving in Byron, CA (about 90 minutes outside of San Francisco across the bay)
  3. Visiting my Grandfather’s Dorm at Yale
  4. Hiking Muir Woods (even though I can’t read a trail map apparently).
  5. Seeing the Grand Canyon (honestly something I didn’t think I would see until much further in the future)
  6. Ziplining over waterfalls and lava tubes in Hawaii
  7. Midnight swim at Barton Springs in Austin
  8. Catching some waves in Hawaii (even if they weren’t pretty and I got called a kook)
  9. FINALLY getting to the Greenbelt in Austin even though I lived there for 3 years…..
  10. Having a rental car in Vegas, Connecticut, San Francisco and Hawaii (this may sound dumb but having the ability to drive wherever I wanted was really a major plus- I wasn’t limited by uber or buses)
  11. Standing in two states at once (Nevada and Arizona at the Hoover Dam)
  12. Getting PADI, ASA and Vet Tech Certified (now I can hold lots of jobs all over the world and you know, save animals’ lives!!)
  13. Starting my travel blog to write down all my memories of travel
  14. Becoming a brand Ambassador for a GREAT outdoor clothing company NO&YO
  15. 36 hours in Austin, Llano and Fredericksburg with my pugs

2015 has been one of the most exciting years of my life. I definitely didn’t get to go everywhere I would have like but I have a goal of saving money to move abroad in a little over 9 months so unless work paid for it, I had to keep everything small.



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