Mother’s Day is fast approaching in the US (this Sunday for those of you who may have forgotten), but this is the first Mother’s Day in my 29 years that I will not be spending with my mum. You see 17 days ago, I moved to Europe.

My mum is really important to me. She’s ALWAYS been there for me not matter what. She’s put up with my bullshit and supported me when no one else would. She’s encouraged me to follow my passions and dreams no matter how far fetched, including moving to Europe at the ripe old age of 29 and 1/2 (although it did take some coaxing).

My mother has not traveled a lot….Or really much at all compared to her two children. She’s been as far as Jamaica and that’s about it. Every time I tell her I’m going on a trip for work or just because, she has a nervous breakdown. She is currently swayed like much of the world on how dangerous the world is…

But I’m a risk taker and it is my duty as her child to act as all good children do and scare the crap out of their parent. So in honor of her and her support to do so many amazing things, even when they terrify her, heres to all the thing I’ve done (travel related) that scared the living crap out of my mum (there are infinitely more things I’ve done in front of her that may or may not correlate to her elevated blood pressure)

  1. Skydiving (I told her afterwards.. funny story about that…)
  2. Surfing in Hawaii (“But there are sharks there”)
  3. Having my purse stolen in Rome (calling your mum crying when it’s noon your time and 5am her time calls for a lot of repetition of the events)
  4. Jumping off a Cliff (she was stoked by the video)
  5. Boarding an airplane from an outdoor staircase in the snow (her reaction… she just shook her head)
  7. 2 Day layover in Istanbul… (technically she doesn’t know about this yet…)
  8. Traveling. By myself. Anywhere.

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