So many blogs today are geared towards specific topics. Food, sports, all things domestic of course, travel. All of these are “categories”. Nichés if you will. Even within a given niché such as travel some bloggers feel the need to further narrow down what they will write about and that is ok for them…. but that’s nothing I can or will ever be able to do.

You see the problem with nichés, is that while in some cases, narrowing down broad topics is a good thing, however when it comes to writing, a form of expression, I think that narrowing down what I write about only stunts any creativity that I have.

I started this blog as an outlet to write down and keep track of all the crazy memories I have from various travels. Things that I’ve typically experienced alone or with a select group of people. And each experience has been different. In blogging, I can share these memories with everyone.

Since each trip and each adventure is made up of many varied experiences I can’t narrow down my blog to only write about adventure travel (i.e. jumping off cliffs) or food (i.e. cooking school in Florence) or drinking (Oktoberfest in Munich). Before I do the same thing twice, I want to try everything once so I can share it all! The good, the bad and the wherever else on the scale…..

I want whoever follows this blog to be able to read what I write and relate in some way. Maybe you can’t relate to me jumping off a cliff into the ocean or going to cooking school in Florence but hopefully, there is something in the messy compendium of the memories of my life thus far you can relate to.

And look on the bright side, since my blogs rarely build on one another, it means you can read whichever ones you want and not feel like you’re missing out. That’s gotta be a plus!

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