The Places I’ve been

2005- Europe (England, France, Switzerland, Italy and Monacco)

2006- Asheville, North Carolina

2007- Rincon, Puerto Rico

2008- Montego Bay, Jamaica

2009- Wherever the RER from Paris would take me! (Mt. St. Michel, Rennes)

2011- Oktoberfest in Germany (for my 25th Birthday!!!) and NYC

2012- Montreal, Quebec Canada

2013- Orlando and San Francisco (back to back)

2014- New Orleans, Connecticut and Sweden

2015- Hawaii, Connecticut, Austin (x2), San Francisco, Vegas

2016- Istanbul, Amsterdam, Tripoint of Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, Czechia (Prague and Buchlovice), Budapest, Split, Vienna, Ingolstadt, Munich, Glasgow, Iceland

Cancun, Mexico


2017- Moved to Austin

Maui, Oahu Hawaii

2018- Copenhagen, Warnemünde, Tallin, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Stockholm