I think all bloggers try to come up with original and non-cliché names for their blogs and other social media outlets. Names that have both personal meaning and meaning that will resonate with their readers. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to convey and what name would best convey that meaning.

I’m sure everyone has heard the old joke “oh I’m lost but at least I’m making good time!”. If not well….you just did. I’ve never really said the phrase myself out loud but when discussing possible names last year when I was setting this up, my friend suggested “Lost but making good time”. I guess it was one of those nights when my brain was actually firing on all cylinders and I could see the potential in the name. Although not highly specific to travel the name meant something to me.

You see my philosophy on life is that while there are some people who know exactly what they want to do, who they want to be, etc, there are people like me who are just a little bit “lost”. Not necessarily lost in a bad way but just confused on the best direction. Which is totally fine. At almost 30 I’ve come to accept and love the fact that I’m not entirely sure of where I want to be. (It’s kinda more fun that way).  I’m ok with being “lost”.

Then you have the “making good time” bit. Some people can take this as you are literally making good time, you’re on schedule for whatever and everything is good. Then there is the way I interpret it. to me “making good time” has nothing to do with being on time for a train or a flight or sticking to a schedule. To me “making good time” is just that, making/having a good time.

So the whole name “Lost, but making good time” is a bit of a double entendre. Some people will look at it from the straight forward point of view, “Ok I’m (physically) lost but I still think I can make good time getting to wherever whenever”. And then there’s the meaning I derive from it, “Ok I’m (mentally or even physically) lost but screw it, I’m gonna have a good time getting to wherever I end up, whenever that is.

So if anyone was wondering where I got this name, here is your answer.

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