The Biggest Update of All Time!

WOW! It’s been a “minute” since I last wrote anything. So…. I guess we have a lot to catch up on.

I honestly don’t even know where to begin, but I suppose with the truth and an explanation would be best.

My GIANT adventure traveling around and living in Europe went far from according to plan. Instead of a year + there, I only got 4 months. Those 4 months were an absolute dream but it was disappointing that the au pair situation didn’t work out, that I couldn’t get a teaching job in time and frankly, I ran out of money!

Everything went fairly swimmingly until I arrived to start my au pair job. I had not been with the family for more than 10 minutes when the criticisms began and ultimately we just didn’t see eye to eye. I was there for almost 3 weeks and while I was there I took German classes and attempted to work on getting all the legal things in order (visa, bank account, etc). Depending on the family you au pair with, you can get paid quite a lot or very little (there are legal constraints but some families do a sort of under the table/off the books deal) regardless that they are handling your room and board or paying for language lessons. My room was great, my “board” and language lessons came out of my 200 euro a week salary and neither cheap. So to be honest, it was very much less than an ideal situation.

While still working as an au pair, I worked on getting english teach jobs. I had really enjoyed my time in Czechia and was working on setting up a Skype interview with a school in Prague however several factors stopped that from happening. I’ll get into those details later.

So after trying to do a workaway and that ALSO not working out, I was lent a little extra money to fly to Iceland for 4 days and then back to the states. Coming back brought up a lot of feelings. Happiness that I had had the courage to quit my well paying job to live a dream. Sadness for the exact same reason because I was now totally broke. Upset that it didn’t work out. Just honestly a lot of things. I allowed myself to regroup for a week or two and then it was back to the job hunt. However this time, something unexpected happened. I found an opportunity on craigslist where a group was looking for a producer to help them make viral videos. Now, anyone that knows anything about viral videos is they just happen. There is no formula but this opportunity allowed me to travel to Cancun for two weeks and meet some really amazing people. After that, I spent my 30th birthday in Colorado and moved back to Austin, TX, January 2nd 2017.

And I’ve been in Austin ever since. I’ve gone back to Hawaii, Colorado. Taken a cruise in the Baltic (Denmark, Germany, Finland, Estonia, Sweden, and Russia) and taken a pretty epic road trip around Texas and New Mexico. Travels have been fairly small as I have primarily been self-employed since returning from Europe almost 3 years ago.

As of right now, I am working on making short YouTube travel/camping gear reviews, courses for Udemy based on some very particular knowledge I have, selling my art and a few other bits and bobs. I never in a million years imagined that this is where I would be at this point in my life however I can say I am quite happy to work for myself and be less than flush with cash. It will come eventually.

So where does that leave LBMGT? Exactly where we started, just maybe a little bit more traveled and maybe a bit wiser. I’ll be back to posting regularly (how regularly has yet to be determined), creating YouTube videos on LBMGT’s YouTube channel, finding adventure in everyday things and sharing pictures of all of it!

I’M BACK YOU GUYS! I hope you missed me because I truly did miss you.

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