Loads of people would kill for a job where they get to relocate, whether it be not too far from “home” or as far from “home as possible”. I am one of those people, the “as far away as possible” people. I wouldn’t actually kill for it (I’m not really the “killing type”) but I definitely would consider selling an organ or two. Left kidney, right lung. Any takers?

All joking aside, many Americans choose to be expats, if so offered the chance. But here’s the thing, you either have to be very valuable in your skills or very good at making people believe you have said skills. Your resumé has to be the beacon of light somewhere in that black hole of resumés employers sift through.

You can scour the internet trying to find the one true answer  to life, the universe and everything (i.e. the age old debate of whether you must have a one page resumé or if more than one page is ok (the answer is not 42 and a towel won’t help you) but no matter what, unless you have nepotism playing in your favor, it’s still a crap shoot. Also they have the computer to sift out resumés that don’t hit their keywords so it’s not like the first person to look at your resumé is actually a person.

So when applying for the highly coveted positions which expat jobs are, your resumé has to hit the right notes, the first time. And even then, it involves, lots of hoping wishing and praying.

Every time I’ve applied for a job, in the states or anywhere, I have not only rewritten my resume multiple times, I have created alternatives, videos about why I’m the shit and so one. But unless you know the hiring person’s email, the extras are completely pointless.

I truly do understand the reasoning behind the robot choosing which resumés pass through the pearly gates to heaven (the actual person doing the hiring) or through the river styx never to be seen again. But at the same time, employers are passing up candidates who, like me would sell organ, work overtime, take pay cuts and many other things just for a chance to work abroad. many companies help their expats find housing and other stuff. And that’s super don’t get me wrong, but hire me for two positions, pay me for one and I’ll live in a hostel!

So employers, if you read this and you want someone who would do anything to work abroad, contact info is in the menu bar   😉

Just throwing that out there….

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