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When I got back from Europe, finding a job was hard. My previous employment was highly flawed but it paid well. Ever since getting back, I’ve been working off contracts, some better than others. I have a broad skill set and while I personally value that to the highest degree, Austin seems to love those that are highly specialized. So, in an effort to provide for myself and not be a COMPLETE burden to my very awesome roommate (who takes what I can give them in rent), I’ve taken several steps in the last few weeks I wish I had done years ago. I know some of these “steps” will annoy and even lose me some fans but they are necessary as selling CBD, while currently somewhat lucrative is not yet quite enough to cover all my bills (student loans, health insurance etc).

So what have I done? Well, you might notice some ads on my blog. I’ve added Google AdSense. A necessary evil. If it ever gets too intrusive please let me know. I’ve set up a Patreon account and will be providing exclusive content to Patrons like some more detailed reviews and How To’s. I’ve also set myself up to become what Amazon dubs as on Influencer or Associate. What the hell is that? So basically if you go to the dropdown “Knowledge sharing” on my website’s menu you’ll see “Gear”, when clicked on will show you two links. One to the gear I’ve used and LOVE and one that is my affiliate link for Amazon. If you shop Amazon as much as I do, you can use this link and shop Amazon the exact same way you always have, but by using this link, I might get a few cents kickback. And in the future, I hope to work with some of the brands I love to build partnerships.

So what does 2019 hold for me in terms of travel and adventure? Well, that is a marvelous question. Right now, to be honest, not a lot. There will be PLENTY of trips in and around Austin (maybe I’ll write a blog or two on my favorite things about living here since I have on and off my entire life) or dive further into my philosophy of everyday adventures. But honestly summer’s in Texas are BRUTAL so I intend to stay in the shade, be inside or be in/under water as much as humanly possible. Once we get back to fall and hopefully (fingers crossed), my life has stabilized a bit, I’d like to do a road trip in from Colorado to Utah to California up to Oregon and Washington, hitting as many natural wonders as I can and sleeping under the stars as much as time will allow.

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