Everyone has different needs and different things they define as their bare essentials. Some people include many items in their list. Others include few. I tend to lean towards the later.

You’ll see bloggers of all sorts talking about their bare essentials for travel. What are the things that they absolutely have to have to survive. And no I’m not talking about food and water because that to me is different that essentials, that’s basic human existence needs.

Essentials to me are the things that we could technically live without but we would be pretty stroppy without. For some people they NEED their make up. Others need their computer/phone/ipads. I don’t need either of those things.

Drilling down to what I can absolutely not live without, brings up one thing (and yes I have given this a great deal of thought). I have one bare essential. I need a place to sleep. Take away the internet, my phone, my computer, my make up (I never wear it anyways) and whatever else you can think of and as long as I have a place to sleep, even if I wake up a bit stiff in the morning, I am 100% ok.

I’m one of those people that doesn’t function well without a full night’s sleep. I’ve done it way more times that I care to count and I can survive without it but if my one item to bring to the proverbial deserted island were anything it would be the makings of a bed.

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