Sorry I had to say that. I left Shelton around 6 ish this morning…. Decided to take the scenic route to Hartford. Drove back through New Haven to re-record all the footage I deleted on my GoPro (clearly I’m not a pro). Returned the rental car and got on the plane. The plane was a bit delayed and I was stressed about missing my connection. Oh Silly ME!

The plane that flew me from Hartford to Dulles (when I am still currently) was fine for the hour long flight. However it was to continue on to Houston. Upon, I suppose, their mandatory mechanical inspection after each flight, they discovered that one of the engines kinda broke….. Yeah not something you usually like to hear.

So my 10am flight and plane from Hartford to Dulles that would put me in the air again an hour later from Dulles to Houston landing at 3ish, is VERY delayed. Layovers are obviously nothing new. You don’t get to not have any unless you’re rich and have your own plane or for us normal folk you get lucky and they’re short and all goes according to plan but as it is said “the best laid plans of mice and men”.

I’m a bit neurotic and get to airports early. I’m always afraid I’m going to get stuck in a huge line at security that will take forever. I usually get stuck in the long line but lately it’s been moving fairly fast. I am still considering dropping some coin for TSA Pre Check/Global entry. And I also try to schedule at the bare minimum an hour layover time after having the lovely experience of missing a connection one time. So since I get to airports early I’m used to having time on my hands. I have the book of faces, instagram, phone games, the usual stuff and if those bore me then I walk around a lot.

Today have definitely been one of those walking days. I got to Dulles at 11:50 am (I remember the specific time because I was afraid of missing my connection….) And since 11:50 the gate has changed, and time has passed. I’ve walked, I’ve wasted money on books and a pillow. Some airports have more to do that others. For instance in Stockholm, their airport has a spa. I would not mind getting stuck there. Not to mention a hotel so if worse came to worse I could just get a room and sleep. I supposed I could and might have to sleep here but a bed would be favorable. Dulles has none of those things. It has several Starbucks, a few random restaurants and duty free stores but that is pretty much it. The problem with that is I don’t need huge bottles of liquor or perfume or a carton of cigarettes and I can only eat so much before I become obese.

I’ve read all those article about the best airports and ones with sleeping pods and other nice amenities available to non-frequent flyer mile club members. I could definitely go for one of those right now (sleeping pod mostly…) but I guess I’ll be contented with my bed of chairs and ridiculously long pizza box (it’s empty, I ate it all).


2015-06-24 15.27.36

But as an aside, they keep sending updates like “the plane is departing at 3pm then 4 pm then 5pm. Yes another reason I have trust issues….

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