Many people believe is astrology. I am not one of those many people. But for the sake of getting to the point of this post, I will share my “sign” and the “element” is associated with. I am a libra. Libras’ are “air signs”. Oddly enough, my brother is a pisces and a pisces are “water signs”.

So as previously stated, I don’t buy into any of this, which leads me to my point. Despite being labeled as an air sign, I am a complete fish. Not a fish in the sense of being an alcoholic but a fish in the sense of loving water. Salt water, fresh water. It doesn’t matter. I love waves, I love waterfalls. I love lake, I love rivers, I love oceans and streams. I LOVE being in water. Pruning up isn’t something I concern myself with. It’s merely a side affect of being a mermaid.

This past week I spent a great deal of time in the water getting my scuba certification. I can’t say it was all highly enjoyable “water time”, but apparently I take to staying underwater quite well. I have gone snorkeling before so being face down in the water and swimming along is fairly unnaturally natural. Relying on a tank and some tubes to breathe is a little different but none the less I so look forward to spending more time in the water.

I grew up in the rivers and lakes and coast of Texas. Tubing the rivers during the summer, renting boats on the lakes for the day and going to the beach are all parts of who I am. I don’t think I could live somewhere where there was not access to some body of water. A pool is fine but it’s just not the same as finding an old rope tied to a tree that is centuries old and swinging into that lake or river. There is nothing like jumping off a rock with water crashing over it. There is no sensation that lulls me to sleep better than that of a current. It’s like the grown up form of a swaddler or rocking machine. It stays with you well after you’ve gotten out of the water.

When I look for future travel destinations, especially on instagram, the first thing that catches my eye are the bodies of water. Whether it be a lake, a hot spring or a gorgeous coast line, I am naturally drawn to those places. They are the highest on my bucket list.

Some people say they feel most alive when they run or lift weights or an infinite number of other things. I feel most alive in water.

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