Instagram is like crack to me. I LOVE IT! My absolute favorite thing to look at and follow are travel accounts. I love seeing pictures of places I never knew existed and some that I couldn’t even dream of. Sometimes I look at these pictures and have a hard time believing a place is real.

However a pro and a con of following other travelers and nomads is that due to the amazing pictures I see on a daily basis from camping to diving to trekking to a multitude of other activities, I am continually added places I NEED to go. You see I am way past the point of WANT. I have now entered into the land of NEED. And every eye catching place is now on the NEED list.

I need to go to Fiji, Tahiti, the Maldives and Great Barrier Reef to dive (among like 100 other places). I need to trek the Inca trail and the Way of St James among MANY others. I need to camp basically everywhere camping is possible. These are all NEEDS.

I could blame all of this on Instagram. But that would be unfair. Instagram didn’t start my wanderlust, I did that all by myself. And like any ‘luster, I should just stop following all these users who fuel my predilection for travel. But why. This is one of those battles I will never win just by looking at pictures or not looking at pictures. I like any good traveler must go forth and conquer.