What is LBMGT?

Ever wondered how I spent almost 5 months in Europe on roughly $3,000 or how I used work to trips to check things off my own bucket list?

Soon, I will have online courses you can take that will teach you my tips and trick as well as the apps I’ve used to travel the world. When you see the pop up, leave your email so I can let you know when the courses are live!

But unless you’ve been a follower since LBMGT inception in 2015, then you may be wondering who the hell I am or what qualifies me to give such advice.

Hi, I’m Pam. I’m 32 and have traveled to 26 countries and 21 US states (some multiple times) always on a very tight budget. I know how to keep costs low while “living your best life” in any place you choose to visit.

But aside from traveling, I’m an expert at making every day an adventure. I’ve rebounded from epic failures, used business trips to check things off my bucket list, and presently live in a city I am so far priced out of! If any of this resonates with you, then stay tuned (and leave your email or contact me) to be first on the list to get access to my online courses!