I have ALWAYS loved history. Always! I can remember being so stoked about studying the Alamo in like 4th grade. My teacher probably thought I was insane or something because of ridiculous amount of enthusiasm. Then I got to visit the Alamo! Oh. My. God. I was like a historical junkie getting a massive fix. And from that point on I was ruined. Ruined for life.

Reading books, textbooks and even travel books, about places like the Acropolis (still on my bucket list) and the Coliseum was all well and good. I could see pictures, read various accounts of the importance of such places but I wanted more. I needed more! I needed to go there myself.

So when I finally got to visit some of the places I had studied for so long it was so many things. Surreal, exhilarating, but I guess the best description can only be summed up as mind blowing! Standing in a 2000-year-old stadium when countless people fought each other or animals to the death. Walking the same cobble stones streets of a city (Rome) that changed from pagan religion to Catholicism. Seeing how pagan churches we altered to fit the new religion. The architecture centuries old. And that’s just one city!

I was lucky enough to travel to a great deal more places and each and every place hold their own place in my heart. I may have not been as well informed of some of the other places I’ve visited but by visiting those places my mind was expanded even more. Learning about culture, their architecture, religion, traditions and so many other things.

And I think the biggest take away I’ve had from travel is that although I can read every book in the world on every location I wish to go to but nothing, absolutely nothing can compare to the experience you have in those places. Because not only do you learn about the place or places, but you learn about yourself. And to me, learning about myself through travel is pure magic.

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