No this is not a post about drinking or not drink, doing drugs, or not doing drugs. This post is about doing what I am “supposed” to. Being a “responsible adult”. BTW, being a “responsible adult” is probably one of the things I loath the most in life…. But anyway not the point.

As I’ve mentioned before I am fortunate enough to get to travel for work. I am in Shelton, CT right now (home of the whiffle ball, for anyone who gives a shit) at my company’s second US office for a HUGE meeting (the biggest/most important of my career thus far…where I am the ONLY female and younger than 30….) with the board of directors. Terrifying needless to say….

ANYWAYS… I flew out of Houston early Sunday morning to Dulles (DC) then on to Hartford. Got my rental car (that I had to get them to show me how to start. I think this means I’m getting old and technology is surpassing my competency level….) and drove to New Haven. New Haven is 20 minutes south-ish of Shelton and as some may know, home to Yale University. My grandfather and whatever his brother would be to me ( great uncle? and they’re both dead) went to Yale. I respect and love my grandfather more than my own father so for me spending Father’s Day exploring a place my grandfather called home for 4 years felt very awesome.

I swear, Yale is like the Hogwarts of the US. I’m kinda pissed I wasn’t smart enough to get in….but anyway, the campus is SO PRETTY! The buildings are old and gothic (and totally smell like it too). They have crazy gates and hidden gardens and words carved into the building that I can’t even read because the script is either too gothic-looking or Latin or both. I actually had to sneak into my grandfather’s college (what we now call dorms) but it was totally worth it. Ok, really I just followed an Asian tour group and tried to blend it. I didn’t get arrested so I guess it worked. And the drive was really scenic! It’s funny how I don’t mind driving places when it’s anywhere BUT Houston, maybe that’s a sign.

Anyway, with most of my work trips, I do my best to work in a bit of leisure/me time. I mean, all work and no play/fun makes Pam a psycho bitch (Sorry Jack Nicholson, had to alter your line to fit the truth). Driving to Yale and wandering around was one of those leisure/my times. I’m the first person in my family since my grandfather who’s gone to Yale (“What like it’s hard?”) even if it was just to walk around (despite my mom telling me she applied, got in BUT DIDN’T GO!). Yale was great but we all know I am overly ambitious and was hoping for a bit more “me time” but obviously I have work to take care of first.

I leave early Wednesday morning and I was hoping (I suppose foolishly) that I would get done early today and be able to go to a place called Indian Wells State Park and hike to Indian Wells Falls. As you may have read I’ve gotten really outdoorsy lately and like hiking and being outside and chasing waterfalls (not the TLC kind) and accidental exercise. Sadly I worked from 8:30 am to 7 pm with about an hour’s break. Tomorrow is the big presentation to the board. I’m not entirely sure how much of a role I will play in this presentation as I’m the tech geek behind the program being rolled out, but I’m crossing my fingers and wishing on stars that I will be done tomorrow by 4 pm at the latest so I can go to this super pretty place.


Wish me luck but even if I don’t luck out, at least after this I will be driving up to Austin (where my Alma Mater is) to enjoy some waterfalls and friends!

But to sum up my point, I’m proud of myself for not throwing a shit fit because I was being the responsible person I should be and sticking out the long hours despite pristine waters calling my name.

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