Expat Update 2: If only it were as easy as it seems….

I would LOVE to tell you that my decision to move abroad has been easy or simple.  But the fact is, it’s been far from it.

I’ve always known I wanted to live somewhere else. Anywhere but Houston. It’s changed over the years from New York to San Francisco to London and a million other places in between. No real rhyme or reason other than it wasn’t Houston and it wouldn’t be easy. I wanted an adventure. To be completely honest, this isn’t my first time at trying to escape. But this time I’m not just trying and hoping for some school program to bring me anywhere else. This time I’m doing it without school and without help.

So I put all the wheels in motion and this April looked like it was going to be the best time to make my move (figuratively and literally). It’s almost like I was planning a prison escape…. I had planned a vacation that my bosses knew about,  I had just enough money for some mobility and more importantly, someone on the outside (my friend in Amsterdam). I’d figure out everything else once I got to Amsterdam. That was the plan at least.

But as all seasoned travelers know, plans change. This is not to say that I’m not still moving abroad. I definitely am but one key factor has changed since I made light of my big secret….My friend may or may not still be in Amsterdam in April. I had been counting on him to be my jumping off block (he knows this and is fine with it just so everyone knows) but now that’s a questionable option. I had been planning to ship both our pugs over there and would retrieve mine from him once settled in Germany (i.e. having my visa or residence permit or w/e). Again, those plans are up in the air. I’ll still be bringing my dog over no matter what but the timing has changed. In some ways I’m back to difficult decision making

So two weeks ago when I packed up everything, broke my lease and moved to my mom’s I was under the assumption all systems were go. Operation Expat moving full speed ahead. All systems are still go… but now I need to start planning a second option. But better to have multiple options, at least in my book.


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